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Looks like Eek the Cat was WRONG--It CAN hurt to help! I too am doubtful of both Diabolica and Amazon Arrow being able to see the futur...

Wonder Woman vamps it up in a floor length skirt and her traditional bustier. Like a glamour queen from the 1940's she strikes an elega...

So much going on in this image. I love the color schemes. The Domme looks regal, but not nearly sever enough. The young adult woman has...

I wanted to get this down while it's still fresh i my mind.  HOPEFULLY I can get it to post later instead of right now.

I was NOT happy with the way the CW changed the scheduling this year--I am a dedicated follower of 3 of the 4 Arrowverse shows (surprisingly, I son't watch Arrow) and I was really miffed they pulled Supergirl to air Legends solo.  The reasoning was to give Black Lightning a timeslot of his own (and I've mixed feelings about that show as well..

But this is a review for one of the shows I like--DC's Legends of Tomorrow Its a fun show highlighting a bunch of heroes (and villains) from the time stream as they attempt to correct historical anomalies.  The cast has changed slightly since the beginning; but overall the concept remains strong.

As some have said, the show borders on the silly--almost the ridiculous; as the crew of the Waverider will bumble from a simple assignment, making things worse, then resolving things in the end. At the end of season three, the Legends had crossed their own timeline, stopping the "Legion of Doom" but wrecking the timeline.  It introduced the Time Bureau, Rip Hunter's second attempt to keep time flowing correctly, as antagonists for the Legends crew.

During the course of the season, the Legends met Julius Caesar (In 2018 Aruba) Helen of Troy (In 1920's Hollywood), Blackbeard, Leif Erickson and his sister, Elvis, John Constantine and Damien Dahrk.  Dahrk is working to bring Mallus (a demon) to earth so it can be reshaped in his image.  But he's torn because his daughter Norah is a vessel for the demon, and he's losing her.

The show has had some highs and lows throughout the season--Victor Garber, Professor Stein, was written out of the series and died in a hail of bullets on Earth X.  The other half of Firestorm--Jefferson Jackson, (Franz Drameh) left the ship shortly after.

Wally West, Kid Flash, (Kenan Lonsdale) joined the crew this year and for a short period Citizen Cold (Wentworth Miller) was aboard as a nice version of Captain Cold from Earth X.

OK on to the finale...

After failing to stop Damien Dahrk and Mallus in Zambesi, Sara Lance takes the Waverider someplace to hide.  She picks Salvation, North Dakota in the 1870's (Jonah Hex happens to live there)  In order for her to get them out, however, Rip Hunter takes one of the time engines, sacrificing himself to stop Mallus briefly.  Personally, I think this is an all right exit for Rip as he has not been very much in action over the last couple of seasons.  I like Arthur Darville, but I feel his story with the Legends is done.

In Salvation, the crew is confronted by Caesar, Blackbeard and Leif Erickson's sister (and their respective cohorts)  The three villains are under the control of Mallus and basically offer to let the Legends live IF they turn over the Totems of Power.  While the deadline is approaching, the Legends are trying to decide what to do.  Amaya and Nate take a vision quest to meet the original totem holders (and Nate is stoned for a long part of the rest of the episode) but realize they need to act in concert.

Ava, now the director of the Time Bureau, shows up with Kuasa (the water totem bearer and originally an antagonist) Jax, and Helen of Troy in tow, to help even the sides for battle.  Helen was left on Themyscira by Zari, and she's become quite the Amazon warrior--I'm still holding out hope for Wonder Woman in the Arrowverse but I am keeping that hope on a short leash for now.  As for Jax being in the show, I think the only reason for his being here was so we the viewers realize that he's happy in his new life (He's from 2023--five years on) He really doesn't contribute a lot to the final battle.

While all this is going on, Ray (who I think is always trying to see the best in people and encouraging them to see their good sides) takes Dahrk out in the Jump ship and back to Zambesi.  Dahrk wants to save Norah, and does it by becoming the vessel for Mallus himself.  Norah is saved, but Mallus is now aware where the Legends are hiding.  Ray returns to Salvation in time to work with the other Legends to create a NEW destroyer to stop Mallus.

In what I would credit as a Ghostbusters tribute, the new avenger is ...BEEBO, THE GOD OF WAR!  The CGI battle between Mallus and Beebo was hilarious, very comic bookish, and left me laughing till the end.

The Battle ended, the wrap up ended with Amaya going back to Zambesi in 1942 to take up the role of defender.  She doesn't let Nate erase her memory, though and the two lovers part. (My thought on Nate was I didn't think the relationship between Steel and Vixen was that good--it felt forced to me.  Nate seems more like a horndog)

The season ends where it begins, on a beach in Aruba--though Mick is joined by the other five Legends this time.  But their vacation is interrupted by John Constantine, who's angry with them for releasing more demons than Mallus into the world.  Could season four see a certain Rhymer amidst the adversaries?

OK--Strong points--

1) Rip sacrificing himself so the Legends can get away.  It was Schmaltzy, but very much in character.
2) I liked the flirtation between Zari and Jonah Hex and the ending sequence with the three female leads talking about it.
3) BEEBO!!!
4) Rory's line, "Don't worry, if you turn into an evil witch bitch, I'll kill you"
5) Sara's "St Crispin's Day" speech before they go out to face Mallus
6) Helen of Troy as a Most Excellent Amazon warrior!

Weak Points--
1) Jefferson Jackson.  I like him better than Wally, even, but he really added nothing to this episode.
2) Wally West's hair--we REALLY need to change it.
3) Ray is not acting like the analytical scientist he's supposed to be.  He's led too much by his feelings, especially in trying to see everyone's best side.
4) For all his strength as Steel, and his PhD in history,  Nate isn't much smarter than Ray--acting very impulsively.
5) Kuasa's redemption is a key point of the story, but even she has only a small part in the battle--its almost glossed over.
6) Garry shows up in a wig at the end, and a "very presidential" comment is made.  I thought the President was someone else in the Arrowverse?

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